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David Trusler, B. Comm.

Investment Advisor


Our Philosophy

Though most of us wouldn’t venture onto a public beach without proper swimwear, many people do enter into an investment strategy without being adequately prepared, or before their investment objectives have been examined. Without identifying investment objectives, you run the risk of losing control over one of your most important assets—your personal wealth. 

At Manulife Wealth Inc., one of the first things we do is help you to make your investment objectives clear. We understand that your expectations and goals may be different from the next person and should, therefore, be treated in the same personalized manner that we conduct each stage of our wealth management process.

Once your objectives become clarified, we then create a well-designed retirement or investment plan, structured to meet your needs which will drive your investments toward your ultimate goals. We then report back to you on a regular basis to monitor our progress and to ensure that your objectives are met or exceeded over time.

Before you go swimming in the potentially choppy waters of the investment market, allow us to fit you with the security of proper attire.

About Manulife Wealth Inc.

Manulife Wealth Inc. is one of Canada’s foremost independent investment dealers. Our expansive product offering provides clients with choices tailored to fit their financial goals and advanced investment needs.

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We regard our investment process as one that is unique, versatile, and professional. Instead of performing 100% of the stock selection ourselves, we typically utilize the services of institutional money managers within the Manulife Wealth Inc. Masters Program for a large portion of your portfolio and blend that approach with our own security selection methodology. This allows us to leverage the proven track record of renowned private investment counsellors while taking advantage of a number of industry leading equity research and mutual fund research teams.

Portfolio Construction

Investment objectives have been determined and now the next step is to select the appropriate investment strategy such that each client’s expectations will be exceeded over time. Our experience has revealed that portfolios anchored with Dividend Paying and Growing Strategies are optimal for generating consistent returns while having a lower degree of volatility. These portfolios tend to capture a large amount of the upside of the equity markets while far less of the downside. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

For Smaller Portfolios

In order to achieve an acceptable level of diversification, and employ a capable investment management team, both of which tend to help reduce the risk, we must utilize the services of Mutual Fund Companies and construct a portfolio comprised of mutual funds. Our experience within the market place has revealed to us several Core Funds which meet our needs to fit within our Dividend Strategy; support our requirements of risk reduction; and comply with our fundamental investment objective of out-performing— overtime—the underlying markets the funds are invested within. Some of these funds also tend to deliver a superior after-tax return.

For Larger Portfolios

The Manulife Wealth Inc. Masters Program is utilized. Diversification and a proven track record of sound portfolio management are paramount when we select one or more external investment counsellors within this program to manage the underlying security selection for portfolios. Dividend Strategies are preferred at this point. Each personalized Asset Allocation Plan takes into consideration one’s Investment Objectives in addition to the relative growth rates of the regions and countries which will impact future investment returns and currency movements. Preferential Tax treatment of Canadian Dividends tends to keep the focus on Canadian content, while the perceived future movement of the Canadian Dollar as well as industries not present in the Canadian Landscape, create the necessity to have Global exposure.

David Trusler, B. Comm. Photo

David Trusler, B. Comm.

Investment Advisor, Manulife Wealth Inc.
Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

David has been helping people grow and manage their investments since 1989 and has significant experience with Estates, Trusts, Investments and Taxes. David has a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Finance from the University of Toronto.

David passed the Professional Planning (PFPC) in 2003 and obtained his Life Insurance licence, Level I and II.

David believes each client relationship is a special privilege and continually strives to enhance his value for the benefit of his clients. Born, raised and lives in Toronto, now married with two children. He loves family, skiing and outdoors activities.

Our Wealth Management Process

Whether you are in the process of building your net worth or have already accumulated significant financial assets, you need a process that will guide you through the often-complex jungle of finance.

Getting to Know You

Our process will begin with a detailed discussion that lets us discover what’s important to you now and where you want to be in the future.

Preparing Your Retirement Plan

We prepare a written retirement plan to find out what you need to do to get on track and stay on track.

Implementing Your Plan

Once we have identified your objectives and risk tolerance we draft a written Investment Policy Statement to identify your optimal asset allocation and implement the best investment strategies for you.

Consistent Engagement

Once we have your portfolio on track we work to ensure it doesn’t get knocked off track, especially by some unexpected health event. Your Life, Disability and Critical Illness insurance coverages are reviewed to identify and protect against risks that could seriously jeopardize your plans for the future.

Our Wealth Management process aims to ensure that you (and your spouse) will never outlive your capital. As we build your net worth we will identify estate planning opportunities to not only secure your own comfortable retirement, but to also maximize the after-tax value of your estate for the benefit of your loved ones. You will now have the peace of mind in knowing that your financial affairs are being properly tended to which will give you more time to enjoy family, business and leisure activities.

Investment Management

  • Risk Management
  • Structured Investments
  • Continuous Security Monitoring
  • Economic & Market Research
  • Asset Diversification

Wealth Management

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning Service
  • Insurance Planning
  • Customized Security Selection
  • Trust Planning Services
  • Tax Planning
  • Legal / Accounting Collaboration
  • Planned / Charitable Giving


  • Clearly understanding your life goals
  • Managing your fears
  • Understanding family dynamics
  • Customized Security Selection
  • Trust Planning Services
  • Listening to you
  • Educating you
  • Helping you avoid costly mistakes
  • Helping you make rational decisions
  • Providing unbiased opinions

Client Care

  • Quarterly Portfolio Review
  • Year End Tax Reporting
  • Online Access to Accounts 24/7
  • Trading and Client Inquiries
  • Monthly / E-Statements
  • Client Update Newsletter
  • Registered Plans Administration
  • Direct Access to your Advisor

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health insurance

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